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Bathroom cabinet can also have a strong storage function, do you know?


When it comes to the problem of indoor storage, most people will immediately think of the wardrobe, bookcase and other cabinets, but who in the bathroom would think of it? Today, I'd like to share with you.

1、 The storage function of column type washbasin is almost zero

Recall the column type wash basin before. This kind of wash basin is also very durable to see from the present aesthetic point of view. The normal method is to put a mirror on the top of the basin to facilitate our daily arrangement. Then, a piece of glass is installed under the mirror to put the washing utensils. It is such a simple design, which has been used in this way until now.

As for our multifarious shampoo, cosmetics and other things, can only be disorderly placed around or on the shelf, and even scattered in every corner of the bathroom. It looks really bad.

2、 The storage space of traditional bathroom cabinet is limited

Although there is a cabinet with opposite door under the traditional bathroom cabinet as storage, because the position is too low, each time you open the door, you have to bend down or squat down, which is inconvenient to use. Moreover, the cabinet is close to the water pipe, which is easy to be wet. Cosmetics and roll paper are not suitable for placing.

3、 Mirror cabinet is a modern and suitable storage expert

The height of the mirror cabinet is above the top of the bathroom cabinet, about one meter away from the ground. It is far away from the water source. The articles placed are no longer moist, and the height is just good for taking articles. In addition, there is a partition board in the structure of the mirror cabinet, which is convenient for us to sort out and conveniently take and place the toiletries and other things.

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