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Which material of bathroom cabinet is good?


As the main storage area of bathroom, bathroom cabinet needs to be moisture-proof, but these problems have been bothering users. So, today, I will talk about what style and material of bathroom cabinet is better?

Choose floor cabinet and wall cabinet

The moisture resistance of wall hanging cabinet is better. The wall hanging cabinet does not touch the ground, and the water and moisture on the bathroom floor will not spread upward from the bottom of the cabinet, because the wall hanging cabinet is not grounded and it is also convenient in cleaning.

But if you want to install wall hanging cabinet, it is not said that it can be installed. It is necessary to confirm whether the wall can bear the weight of the cabinet, and also see whether the bathroom water way is the bottom plate or wall row, so it is necessary to pay attention to the beauty and convenience.

Another is the floor cabinet, which is close to the ground and can be stable without leaning against the wall. Generally speaking, no dry and wet bathroom has been separated, it is better to buy solid wood bathroom cabinet which has been treated with waterproof treatment, otherwise it is easy to crack and deform. The surface of the bathroom cabinet is waterproof, moisture-proof and mildew proof.

Common bathroom cabinet material has solid wood, PVC, stainless steel and so on. PVC bathroom cabinet and stainless steel bathroom cabinet have good moisture-proof performance, not easy to deformation, PVC material also has the advantages of light texture, scratch and wear-resistant.

If you choose solid wood bathroom cabinet, you should choose multi-layer solid wood bathroom cabinet which has been waterproof treatment, which can prevent deformation and cracking.

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