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What do you need to pay attention to when customizing the bathroom cabinet?


The quality of the bathroom cabinet on the market is not consistent, so many users choose to customize the bathroom cabinet. What do you need to pay attention to when customizing the bathroom cabinet?

1、 Accessories purchase

In the bathroom cabinet purchase, hinge, guide rail, pad and other accessories are often easy to be ignored by consumers. Details determine whether it is worth buying. Many quality problems are caused by the negligence of details, which leads to the dissatisfaction of consumers. Consumers in the purchase of bathroom cabinets, to carefully check the bathroom cabinet hardware accessories, such as whether the door is smooth, whether there is noise.

2、 Choose and buy dragon head

There are many styles of faucet in bathroom cabinet, consumers can choose according to their own preference. Generally speaking, rubber, metal valve core is easy to wear, so the market better faucet use wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant ceramic spool. Secondly, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the surface of the faucet is treated with anti rust and anti-corrosion treatment. Generally speaking, the faucet with good quality is treated with more than three layers of coating.

3、 Material of bathroom cabinet

Tigo's painting process, which is made of wood, is different from ordinary painting. It is specially designed for solid wood. Its coverage and sealing meet the strict requirements of four bottoms and three surfaces, regardless of the surface that users can see, touch, or can't touch. The technology is consistent.

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