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Is solid wood bathroom cabinet practical?


Is solid wood bathroom cabinet easy to use? It's good to see the sharing of Xiaobian.

Solid wood has mild touch, visual grade, and natural, environmental protection, and original aesthetic effect. The product style produced with it is natural, simple or elegant, which can fully reflect the owner's dignity and pursuit of home environment.

In fact, solid wood bathroom cabinets also have 369, different levels of solid wood material in the moisture environment under the performance is also different. For example, oak, its high density, solid and durable, good quality, with it as a bathroom cabinet corrosion resistance, not easy to absorb water.

In the shower room and other areas are isolated, when bathing, do not try to let water splash to the solid wood bathroom cabinet, to keep the space dry. For fear of solid wood bathroom cabinet cracking problems can be based on the actual situation to do measures.

Moreover, the paint process can be used to effectively avoid the moisture absorption and cracking of the later solid wood cabinet. Any paint is antagonistic to water, which is insoluble in water.