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Why does solid wood bathroom cabinet crack?


The reason why the bathroom cabinet will crack has many reasons, to be analyzed according to the specific situation, can not be generalized. So why does the solid wood bathroom cabinet crack? Let's get to know it with Tigo bathroom editor.

1. Wood properties are different

The bathroom cabinet made of wood, there is a slight crack is a normal phenomenon, and the wood characteristics is so, generally there will be subtle cracking, but can be repaired back, and can restore the beauty.

2. The process is not in place

Wood should be dried before processing, which is an important step to avoid bathroom cabinet cracking. If some inferior manufacturers do not carry out strict drying treatment due to setting and cost problems, or the drying time is insufficient to start production, it is easy to crack.

3. Improper maintenance and use

Even under normal treatment, if the cracks are caused by external factors, such as cold, indoor heating, long-time baking, or not paying attention to maintenance in summer, it is easy to cause cracks in the bathroom cabinet and affect the service life.