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What are the daily maintenance means of solid wood bathroom cabinet?


Do consumers know the daily maintenance of solid wood bathroom cabinet? The following by the small editor with you to understand.

Any furniture is inseparable from our careful maintenance, especially bathroom furniture. The correct maintenance method can prolong the service life of furniture.

There are several types of bathroom cabinet materials, such as solid wood, ceramics and other materials, as well as stainless steel and other metals and glass; the maintenance of solid wood materials will basically have a waterproof layer, but even so, waterproof work should be done well.

Bathroom cabinet mirror maintenance, mirror maintenance is eye-catching place, after the mirror is installed, you can't dismantle or move at will. The mirror itself is of high quality. If it is broken, the risk factor will increase. Be careful. For maintenance, this is the first thing.

For the maintenance of bathroom cabinet, the table top is the place where we place our daily necessities. The common materials are ceramics, jade and other natural stones. When cleaning and maintaining, do not use too sharp tools to clean, to avoid damaging the protective film or scratch of the surface layer. In order to prolong the service life, do not put the high temperature articles on the table directly, and it is not recommended to exceed the bearing weight.

The hardware accessories of bathroom cabinet, such as faucet, hinge, metal chain, etc., have waterproof layer on the surface. When maintaining, pay attention to avoid acid and alkali, and the drawer slide should be clean.

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