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The bathroom cabinet is cracked. Is it a quality problem?


Bathroom cabinet has its durability and collection value. Middle and high-end consumers have always been popular. But many users said why their bathroom cabinet cracked, what is the reason? Is it really a quality problem?

Many friends think that if the solid wood bathroom cabinet is cracked, it is a fake. In fact, this is not the case. Even the solid wood furniture, cracking is inevitable, even if it is high value rosewood furniture, there are cracks.

There are several reasons for the cracking.

1. Weather

The moisture content of bathroom cabinet is required to be 1 to 2 percentage points lower than the actual average air moisture content. Due to the difference of geographical location, the climate and weather in China are not the same, so the requirements of moisture content of bathroom cabinet are also different.

2. Moisture content of solid wood

If the moisture content of solid wood bathroom cabinet is not well controlled, there will be quality problems such as cracking and deformation. After the production of the bathroom cabinet, the moisture content and drying stress of the wood determine that the shape and material of the bathroom cabinet will not change. Therefore, it is very important to control the moisture content of solid wood bathroom cabinet, and the moisture content after balance will not crack and deform due to environmental factors such as sunlight, supercooling and overheating.

3. Improper use

Some friends do not take good care of the precious solid wood bathroom cabinet, put it in the position with direct sunlight for exposure, or wipe the dust with too wet towel, move the bathroom cabinet at will, resulting in damage to the bathroom cabinet frame. These will affect the durability of the bathroom cabinet.

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