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How to choose and identify bathroom cabinets?


Bathroom cabinet is one of the bathroom "hardware" products which are more and more widely used in bathroom decoration in recent years. However, how to buy Bathroom Cabinet products, how to distinguish the good and bad of bathroom cabinet products, and how to buy high cost-effective bathroom cabinets are still a big problem in front of consumers. The rapid pace of urban life, so that consumers do not have too much time to carefully identify bathroom cabinet products. Through their own experience, one whole two demolition, teach you how to choose and identify the bathroom cabinet.

1、 Whole

On the whole, whether the size, color and shape of the bathroom cabinet match the bathroom at home. The bathroom cabinet is beautiful and fashionable again, but after buying it back, the bathroom can't put it down. It's a waste of time. Bathroom cabinet as a part of the home decoration, must be coordinated with the home decoration style, at least with the bathroom decoration style.

2、 Dismantle

Generally, from the overall shape of the bathroom cabinet is not enough to judge who is the best bathroom cabinet, must be removed! Mainly from the cabinet material, table and basin and hardware accessories to distinguish three parts.

1. Solid wood bathroom cabinet

Solid wood bathroom cabinet is made of distilled and dehydrated solid wood as base material and processed by n-channel waterproof treatment process. The style is natural, simple and elegant, which can fully reflect the grade and dignity of this person's furniture. However, the requirements for the environment are very high, the waterproof performance is low, and it is easy to dry. The bathroom cabinet of this kind of material has to choose the big brand with good technology and good quality sense.

2. PVC bathroom cabinet

The raw material of this type of bathroom cabinet is PVC crust foam board. Its waterproof performance is good, and the color gloss of baking paint is dazzling, suitable for fashion avant-garde consumers, but it is easy to be deformed by gravity and cannot be restored.

3. Metal bathroom cabinet

At present, there are two kinds: stainless steel bathroom cabinet and magnesium aluminum alloy bathroom cabinet. Metal bathroom cabinet is solid and does not deform. The surface is treated by special oxidation, which will not form secondary oxidation and discoloration. The bathroom cabinets of China's top 10 bathroom brands are mostly 100% waterproof and durable.

The quality of bathroom cabinet is also related to countertop, basin and hardware accessories. It depends on the ability to distinguish between glass and glass. Some enterprises with independent innovation ability have their own patent technology. For example, the leading enterprise of Chinese bathroom cabinet brand, Shanggao develops two kinds of special ceramic glazes: self-cleaning glaze and super crystal glaze, which have super cleaning ability. Their worship, smooth and delicate surface has no water stain, which makes basin cleaning simple and easy.

Master the whole dismantling technology, you can also choose and identify a good bathroom cabinet.